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The Best Games for a Spooky Halloween

On 31 October it will be Halloween. What will you be doing? Trick or Treating, dressing up, attending a party?

How about staying in and playing these spooky games which are ideal for a Halloween treat. You could even invite your mates around, get in some spooky treats and get dressed up for the occasion.


Dead by Daylight has to be one of my favourite horror games. Bringing together some iconic characters from popular horror films, you can choose to play as a killer or a survivor.

Using online multiplayer, there are up to 5 players in each game. This comprises one killer and up to 4 survivors.

Game Description

The game is based around the survivors being locked in a map (there are multiple maps which are randomly selected each time you enter a game). The aim of the game is to evade the killer, fix the generators, open the exits and escape.


There are currently 9 killers, including The Shape – a character based on Michael Meyers from the film Halloween. All are free except for Michael Meyers which will set you back £6.99.

However, different killers bring with them different ‘tools’, from traps to invisibility. Once caught the killer will transport his prey to a meat hook, where he will hang them until they die (unless your team mates can dart in and save you).

Latest News

Some exciting news recently released is that a new killer will be arriving soon. Rumours, based on the recently released trailer, say that the character will be based on Freddie Krueger, the killer from Nightmare on Elm Street. A release date has not yet been confirmed, but it would certainly make sense for it to be released around Halloween.


You can currently pick this game up for only £19.99 at both Amazon and Argos.  This a real bargain and comes highly recommended.

[amazon_link asins=’B071KWFCGL,B071YP8HMM’ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’tiop-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’806fbbde-b8ef-11e7-889a-3f52e9d82368′]

Game £27.99
Argos £29.99
Ebay £25.99


Game Description

Friday 13th The Game is based on the iconic movie of the same name. Even the locations used are exact designs of the locations in the original movie.

Using online multiplayer, there are up to 8 players in each game – 1 killer and 7 survivors.


You can choose to play as the Killer or a survivor. As the killer – Jason – you are a cold bloodied killer who stalks the residents of Camp Crystal Lake.

As a survivor, you play as a Camp Counsellor trying to evade the killer.

Latest News

A recent update adds in loads of extras including a new map and a new Jason.


Argos has the cheapest price for this game at present at only £23.99.

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Game £20.94
Amazon Check price
Ebay Check price



Outlast Trinity brings together the brilliance of Outlast 1, Outlast 2 and Outlast Whistleblower.

Game Description

Played as a first person survival game, you have no fighting abilities. Your only options are to run away, hide away or die!


Each Outlast series has its own main character.

Outlast 1- Miles Upshur

As Miles Upshur, you break into an abandoned home for the mentally disabled. Leaving, however, is not so easy.

Outlast 2 – Blake Langerman

Playing as Blake, a journalist investigating the murder of a pregnant woman, you must follow a trail of clues.

Outlast – Whistleblower

Waylon Park must reveal the secret of Mount Massive.


At the time of writing, Amazon definitely has the best deal at only £18.00.


Game £29.99
Ebay £13.99

I am sure you can find something there which will make Halloween a great gaming night.  Have a great time!